Executive Management

The Board of Directors of The Fashion Empowering Women Foundation is comprised of leaders from both the nonprofit and corporate communities with strong entrepreneurial characteristics. FEW has set a goal of creating and growing a multi-billion dollar pro bono market by 2020. In keeping with our value of "pragmatic optimism", our Board strives to be exceptional and to set the standard for nonprofit governance. Central to these aspirations are three core traits:
  • Courage| We have to be bold to set lofty goals while also asking the tough questions and confronting brutal facts.

  • Contribution| Roughly 20 percent of our budget is generated in partnership between our Board and staff. This starts with 100 percent board personal giving and goes on to include everything from large corporate sponsorship, to in-kind donations, to pro bono relationships with leading professional services firms.

  • Transparency| We include this Governance section on our website to increase our transparency to our stakeholders. You can find here our core policies, audits and program outcome report cards. This section includes our successes as well as the challenges we have faced, which will help us learn and grow to be stronger.

    Executive Management Team
  • Desiree Venn Frederic Founder/Executive Director

  • Sarran Lan Jabbie Director of Social Media
  • Shana McNealy Event Coordinator

  • Kayla Lauren Executive Assistant

  • Madison McCain Community Engagement Specialist

  • Blair Bedford Editorial Director

  • Imani Pope Public Relations Support

  • Erym A'mel Staff Photographer

  • Natasha Torrence Visual Artist/Graphic Designer

  • Program Emails
    • General: info@fewonline.org

    • Look Good. Do Good. Movement: good@fewonline.org

    • Millennials In Action Volunteer Corp: volunteer@fewonline.org

    • Events: events@fewonline.org

    • Closet of Change: shop@fewonline.org

    • Internship Program: intern@fewonline.org

    Join one of our Committees to provide your professional expertise:

    Solicits contributions from corporate partners and businesses and applies for public and private grants.
    To join the committee,
    • Email: info@fewonline.org

      Ensures effective board processes, structures and roles, including retreat planning, committee development, and board evaluation; sometimes includes role of nominating committee, such as keeping list of potential board members, orientation and training. To join the committee,
      • Email: board@fewonline.org

        Implements the planning and logistics of the yearly fundraising events.
        To join the commitee,
        • Email: events@fewonline.org

          Identifies nonprofits and charitable causes that need volunteer and professional pro-bono assistance and are aligned with the FEW mission. Facilitates, plans service projects and the award of microgrants to selected nonprofits and charitable causes. To join the committee,
          • Email: good@fewonline.org

            The role of the Audit Committee encompasses interviewing auditors, reviewing bids, recommending selection of an auditor to the board, receiving the auditor's report, meeting with the auditor, and responding to the auditor's recommendations. For many organizations, the annual audit is the only time the organization's financial systems are reviewed by an independent outsider, and as a result the auditor's report is an important mechanism for the board to obtain independent information about the organization's activities. On smaller boards, the functions of the Audit Committee are managed by the Finance Committee. To join the committee,
            • Email: info@fewonline.org

              The functions of the Personnel Committee include drafting and/or revising personnel policies for board approval, reviewing job descriptions, establishing a salary structure, and annually reviewing staff salaries, and reviewing the benefits package. In some organizations the board's Personnel Committee also acts as a grievance board for employee complaints. Because difficulties can arise if many less serious complaints are brought directly to the board rather than to the staff person's supervisor, it is preferable for the personnel committee to act only on formal written grievances against the executive director or when an employee formally appeals a decision by the executive director to the board. To join the committee,
              • Email: hr@fewonline.org

                Promotes the Young Philanthropist Program (membership program). Plans free access programs for members and potential members. To join the committee,
                • Email: membership@fewonline.org

                  Oversees development and implementation of the Marketing Plan, including identifying potential markets, their needs, how to meet those needs with products/services/programs, and how to promote/sell the programs.Represents the organization to the community; enhances the organization's image, including communications with the press. To join the committee,
                  • Email: pr@fewonline.org

                    The Fundraising Committee's job is not simply to raise money. Instead, the Fundraising Committee is responsible for overseeing the organization's overall fundraising and, in particular, the fundraising done by the board. To join the committee,
                    • Email: info@fewonline.org